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2019 Hyosung Corporation

INR 3,000 Crore investment by Hyosung Corp. Hyosung is planning to convert the Yongyeon propylene plant, the capacity of which was increased by 300,000 tonnes last year, into a plant producing PP for pipes, a high-value-added product, and dualise the new propylene plant in Vietnam by producing general products as well in an effort to secure cost competitiveness and profitability, and maximise synergy effects.
Global Spandex Yarns market report involves systemic study of analyzing, designing, introducing and also quality assuring of markets as well as their hyosung advanced materials legal framework regarding simultaneously their market mechanisms and trading rules, systems, platforms and media, and their business models.

The increasing disposable income in the emerging economies like India coupled with significant opportunities in end-user industries and continuous FDI investments are expected to provide significant opportunities for key players operating in the market.
In a meeting with Prime Minister Nguyen Xuan Phuc earlier this year, Hyosung chairman Cho Hyun-Joon stated the corporation would utilise Vietnam as a global production base for all of its core products, such as textiles, industrial materials, chemicals, and heavy industry to make inroads into the global market.
Furthermore, as we built up a vertical system from raw materials to final products by operating a propylene manufacturing plant using an up-to-date Propane Dehydrogenation (DH) process, we have been able to secure a stable supply base for the main raw material of polypropylene resin, propylene of high purity, as well as the technology required.

An enterprise that is a catalyst in the era of low-carbon green life that allows for both humanity and nature become more sustainable Hyosung Power & Industrial Systems is divided into its heavy industry division which possesses the world's best technology in heavy electric business and leads the era of low-carbon green life, and also its construction division which helps nurture an environment-friendly housing culture in which both humanity and nature are more sustainable.
It is well-known and widely used in Southeast Asia, the Middle East and Europe as well as in Korea while the company is making great efforts to realize Customer Satisfaction Management through product development and customer services. Hyosung is a global leader in research and development across a wide range of industries.
Hyosung is a leading chemical and technological textile company, had then evinced an interest in investing in spandex manufacturing for the textile sector. SOUTH KOREA: Hyosung Corporation has installed the prototype of its 5MW offshore turbine, which has been developed by Aerodyn.

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