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Condensate Drain Valves

The structure of the manual drain is extremely simple. 1 shows a dry pipe sprinkler system including an underground water supply 12 connected to a supply pipe 20. A source of pressurized air 16 is connected to the pipe 20 so that when the fire sprinkler system control valve 14 is opened (as when a fire is sensed) the pressure delivers the water to the system which is normally dry.
Automatic condensate drain with level controller electronic sensor. Draining well to drain off the water condensate from the wood. Since the company's condensate drain valve founding in 1944, the employees of Van Air Systems have proudly built a reputation for innovation, quality, and superior customer service.

When the ECO-DRAIN's capacitive level sensor reports attainment of the maximum condensate level, its intelligent control electronics open and close the valve diaphragm at precisely the right times - discharging collected condensate with zero compressed air loss - which, of course, saves energy.
It has an added benefit of resulting zero compressed air losses and has several different types of drain valve including- Eco auto drain valve, Pneumatic, Electronic, Solenoid, level sensor, automatic, air pipe, water, No air loss, compressed air tank and moisture drain valve.
This mechanism provides a more reliable and robust sealing than a traditional float operated drain valve. Trident condensate sensing type drain valves are highly efficient and reliable. When the pressure drops below the closing pressure the Condensate Drain Valve opens by spring force.

It's ideal for draining of large air distribution systems, air dryers, coolers and filters. This compressed air is transported through a system of pipes. The electric condensate drain valves use a Form A or Form B DIN 43650 connector to operate. A slightly different type of timer drain installed in larger systems is a motorized ball valve with timer.
This drains the condensate and as its level drops, the probe senses this and closes the valve again. AIPL Automatic drains for condenstate removal. This float automates the process of condensate draining by opening and closing the valve after a certain amount of condensate is accumulated.

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