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Automatic Eps 3d Panel Sandwich Forming Machine

Continuous Sandwich Panel Lines With Flexible Faces Are Mainly Used For Thermal Insulation Of Domestic And Industrial Applications: Flat Or Pitched Roofs, Wall, Floor Or Ceiling Insulation, Agricultural And Air Ducts. Continuous PU Sandwich Panel Line for the arc down-profile profile bending machine, the machine's two side roller is the main drive roller, three working rolls can also be the main drive roller, the roller position fixed, two side rollers It is helpful to control the forming process of the profile, and the roller is equipped with the roller device on both sides, which is helpful to ensure the rolling quality of the asymmetric section profile.
Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line consists of Un-coiler that inputs and releases coil, Roll Forming Unit that makes shape of coil, PU Forming Unit that sprays PU solution, Laminating Unit that makes the shape of sandwich panel, Panel Cutting Unit that cuts the fabricated sandwich panel, Cooling Conveyor Unit that finishes products hardening the cut panel sufficiently at intervals, Auto Stacking Unit that loads the finished panels, and Panel Packing Unit that packs the loaded panels with plastic wrap and discharge them.
Rigid polyurethane foam has the lowest thermal conductivity of all insulating materials and is therefore used in the form of metal composite mineral wool sandwich panel machine elements in industrial and cold store construction, as well as in cooling chambers for supermarkets and in thermal assemblies for trucks.

Using 141B (or cyclopentane) as a foaming agent, instead of carbon chloral-fluoride, making the PU foaming treatment become environmental production craft. Note: the thickness of the panel is 40mm-100mm, but in this production line, we only supply the side nylon seal block to make the 40mm sandwich panel.
As a result of new production line, Ruukki is aiming for a major share of the Ukrainian and Russian sandwich panel market. Our Sandwich Panel machine efficiency is twice that of similar lines, boasting the most cost-effective among the similar products within and without the country.
The panel line includes machinery part electrical control system part and additional machine for panel. Our polyurethane sandwich panel line is a full-automatic continuous line with latest technology machines. Relating to sandwich panel manufacturing Lines, First is the best choice.

We are dedicated to the development and manufacture of continuous and discontinuous PU sandwich panel production lines, rock wool sandwich panel production lines and high-speed roll forming machines. Polyurethane Sandwich Panel Line is the automation gear that can repeatedly and efficiently produce polyurethane sandwich panels of beautiful and various shapes.

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