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Drain Valves

Plumbing emergencies are a handful. Another object of the'invention is to provide such a valve in which the hand of the operator need not come in contact with the fluid being drained either in starting or stopping dryer condensate the flow of fluid, such starting and stopping being achieved by the use of a simple and readily accessible instrument, such as a pencil, piece of wire, short stick, screw driver or other thin elongated instrument.
As previously indicated, the outer end of the bore 25 of the bushing 24 is internally threaded, as indicated at 29, and in these threads is screwed a conventional screw plug 35 which can be removed by means of a conventional wrench and which seals the bore 25 against leakage of fuel in the same manner as fuel drain valves as now constructed.

251144) This invention relates to a drain valve for removing material settling to the bottom portion of a tank and more particularly to such a drain valve for removing water and foreign matter from the fuel tanks of automotive vehicles settling from the fuel oil or gasoline carried by the fuel tank.
Turn off the water valve on the cold water pipe entering the appliance (usually the right side pipe). Open the drain valve to allow the water inside the tank to flow out. You will also want to avoid blowing the air through the back flow as hot air can damage it. Your irrigation maintenance expert will know how much air pressure is right for your system.
This design allows the installer to drain the tank faster, resulting in a reduction in service time. We recommend using two structurally different valves-the master valve (primary valve) and the slave valve (secondary valve)-as a pair, the former for full closure and the latter for regulating drain discharge.

However, I recommend brass valves, as they last the longest and can handle much higher temperatures than a composite or plastic drain valve. 3. The next step is to place the bucket under the sink where the water will flow from the drain trap when you remove it. You can also lay the towels around the bucket in case of splashing or spillage of water on the floor.
For early ambulation, for removal of a patient to the x-ray department, etc., the drainage bag may be carried or attached to a wheelchair or to the patient's clothing. The water from the hose should push the sediment away from the valve and clear the clog. After brief draining the valve closes again.
Caution: Be prepared for the water draining from the water heater to be hot. As previously indicated the valve could be vertically disposed in the bottom wall 5 or 9 of either the oil tank or its sump with its conical seat 31 facing vertically upwardly so that the ball 33 would tend to center itself on its seat by gravity.
Once the electricity and gas have been turned off, and your current heater has been drained, it is time to install your new heater. Valve gaskets should be replaced each time valves are removed from pump. Attach the bag to a garden hose and attach the hose to the hot water heaters drain valve.

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