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A Compressor With Fluid Film Bearings

This document specifies the material compositions and required properties of fluid film bearings used for vehicular turbochargers. The space between the rotating element and the thrust plate element on one side of the thrust bearing and the space between the rotating element and the thrust surface of the housing element on the other side of the thrust bearing are filled with fluid (usually air) which envelops the foil members.
It is another object of the present invention to modulate the compressor bleed air flow used to generate the differential pressure across tiliting pad the rotating thrust disk and thus generate hydrostatic thrust bearing forces that are a function of the axial position of the shaft.

The fluid foil member 48 would normally be annealed both during forming and use and may be coated prior to forming the joggles with any number of a myriad of low friction or friction reducing coating materials which can protect the metal from abrasion during starting and stopping, and inadvertent and occasional high speed touch-downs.
However, ceramics can be polished to a smaller surface roughness than the metals, so the resulting scenario during the walking cycle is likely to be the hydrodynamic regime, while the MOM and MOP implants are reasonable subjected to the mixed lubrication regime (Mattei et al., 2011).

33. The hydrostatic augmentation system of claim 32 wherein the compliant foil hydrodynamic fluid film journal bearing includes a cartridge having a plurality of peripheral and radial slots to promote cooling by the bleed air from the bearing rotor thrust disk.
Hydrodynamic bearings work by floating the rotating components on a thin film of fluid and are often referred to as fluid film bearings (see Image 1). The separation of the rotating and stationary surfaces results in very low friction and negligible wear, giving the hydrodynamic bearing an exceptionally long life—in many cases equivalent to the life of the machine.
The software's front end was redesigned with our customers' and industry's input to incorporate the most logical, efficient, and productive techniques to model and analyze common as well as complex configuration, fluid-film lubricated journal and thrust bearings, of all sizes with ease.

The hydrodynamic bearings represent an important component of rotating machinery due to their large use in the industry ( Riul, 1988 ). In this case, the load is supported by a thin film of lubricant that separates the shaft from the bearing (i.e., there is no direct contact between metal parts).
It is another object of the present invention to utilize bleed air passages through the journal bearing, including flow around and adjacent to the journal bearing foils to facilitate foil cooling and to function as fixed orifice(s) for the hydrostatic augmentation function.
3 which includes arrows indicating the flow of the bleed air from the compressor) compressed air at approximately nineteen (19) psig is bled from near the tip 34 of the compressor impeller 32 through a gap between the compressor diffuser plate 35 and the outer periphery 47 of the thrust plate 42 through a plurality of radially extending orifices 41 in the thrust plate 42 to a plurality of axially extending feeder holes 43. The dead airspace between the compressor diffuser plate 35 and the center bearing housing 39 forces the bleed air to move into the radially extending orifices 41.

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