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Condensate Automatic Drain Valve

Drain-AllŪ Condensate Drains have been the industry leader for over 20 years. The problem with non-rising stem (NRS) valves is that they don't provide an external indication of where the gate is. Rising stem and OS&Y (Outside Screw & Yoke) valves do provide external indication of gate position by virtue of the fact that the external stem movement mimics the internal gate movement.
No matter how much you spend on that fancy new compressed air system, VFD'S pin-stripes and flashing lights notwithstanding, not spending condensate drain valve a little effort with your drain choice could cause you no end of headaches and increased operating costs for years to come.

The electronic capacitive sensor probe placed inside the drain reservoir controls the discharge by initiating the discharge command to a built-in indirect operated solenoid valve When the condensate reaches the probe, the solenoid valve is actuated and opens.
Why are they needs9 Condensate is always present in a compressed air system. The electronic level control ensures proper draining of condensate and avoids unnecessary loss of air. Show the L” ball embodiment of the invention, in the collect” and drain” positions, respectively.
Drain times will vary dependent on condensate load; A Manuel override for the drain is standard. When the condensate finishes draining, magnetic force closes the valve. KAESER has been providing compressed air systems solutions since 1919 and currently employs approximately 6000 people throughout the world.

The condensate consists of water, compressor oil, dirt and other contaminants which therefore need to be periodically drained from the system to avoid damages to equipment and maintain efficient compressed air delivery. No. 3,684,241, Ball Valve” shows grooves in the ball of a ball valve but does not address the present invention's function of collection and never having a partially opened inlet port connected to a partially opened outlet port.
No air waste - timer operated - open tube - none (yes that is a drain choice). The condensate drain automatically drains condensate from steam systems during start-up. The AK 45 rapidly and automatically discharges air and condensate from steam systems on start-up and drains residual fluid when the system is stopped.

Condensate drain valve assemblies from Asco Valve are designed for use in compressed air systems where moisture drainage is critical. It has a cast iron body and cover with stainless steel valve head for use on high temperature or where corrosive condensate would adversely affect a rubber valve.
The valve is preferably a ball type valve where the ball” has at least two ports. Timer drains are used on filters, air receivers, air dryers, separators, aftercoolers, and other compressed air system components. Draining well to drain off the water condensate from the wood.
This port is connected to a second port that redirects flow into and out of the collection chamber, dependent upon the position of the first port. The WD 80 drain valve provides completely automatic drainage of the condensate that collects at the bottom of the air receiver.
In this position, condensate can flow from the condensate port (156) out the drain port (155). As pressure rises in the compressor, the control pressure below the piston (2) likewise rises. Zipson model 501 R. In this valve, the ports will be cross-connected when the ball is in a partially closed position.

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