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Sydney Driving School

Our instructors have many years of accumulated driving instructor experience, they offer friendly and safe driving lessons in Sydney. If you drive on a toll road without a transponder, a photo is taken of your vehicle's number plate, and you have 3 Days (Brisbane), and anywhere from 1-3 days in Sydney and Melbourne to phone a number or visit a website and arrange payment (plus an additional processing fee) before a fine is issued.
In addition to helping you decide whether you want to enroll in a driving school, these blogs, websites and articles can also provide you with advice cheapest driving lessons on choosing the best driving school for your needs, choosing an instructor that fits your budget and becoming comfortable behind the wheel.

Thankyou very much Zena for being my driving instructor,I wouldnt been able to get my license without you, your truly a blessing to this world,I really admire how professional you are with being a driving instructor,Thankyou and may God bless you abundantly.
A Provisional Licence is awarded when learner drivers aged 17 years or over complete 50 hours of driving experience (and 6 months have elapsed from obtaining their Phase 2 Learner's Permit) in their log book and pass a computerised "Hazard perception test".
27 Phase 2 Learner drivers are permitted to drive on Perth freeways, however they must still be accompanied by an experienced driver whenever they drive and the other restrictions continue to apply, the driver also has a 6-month mandatory waiting period before they can sit the hazard perception test to get their provisional licence.

No two drivers are the same, so buying expensive prepaid multiple lesson packages may be a waste of time and $. Your instructor will advise each individual student and their supervising driver of their progress and requirements for further multiple lessons.
Our fully-qualified and highly experienced instructor will carefully guide you through the learning stages, and when the day of your test arrives, you can be sure that you will have the necessary skill and knowledge to successfully pass your driving test.

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