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Google has become one of the most dominant if not the most dominant search engine in the world for many years now. By utilizing the best practices (which we'll sum up below), SEO results that bring you to the first page of Google search results will help you get more traffic (much more!), while helping you save money on ads (not as crucial when you appear in the first few results) and get results for your work over a long period of time, and not just for a few days.
The thing is that I often paid even $0.05 or $0.10 for a click with arbitrage no native ad networks, but those were able to still make me a nice profit buy targeted traffic that converts in adsense because the clicks from native ads were always more engaged with my content, and the bounce rate was lower and time on site longer.

I also tried Adsense and I got only my money back or maybe just a little bit of profit like if I invested $10 I would get back either $9-10 or $11-$12 in adsense, and that is with all the advertisement done in Portuguese and the content of the site was in Portuguese also.
So while push is great for selling something or giving them a great offer fast, like: Sign up to this casino right now and get $200 bonus, it doesn't work the same with making them read a bunch of pages of content or 600+ words content that they had no interest in. Keep in mind with native traffic they are already in a reading mode” they browse other news and content sites, they see your native ad and decide to click on it and read it because they are interested in what you're advertising, with push traffic they never chose to receive that push notification they have no interest in it all the time and they are not in a reading mode”.

Mgid is another native advertising network, similar to RevContent and The best part about them is that the minimum deposit is low: $100 and that they are more lenient towards what campaigns you can run and what you have on your landing pages or in your ad settings.
That's a very broad and difficult question to answer you, because pretty much any traffic source that I've mentioned in this article can work for all of those types of offers… it depends more on how you set up your landing pages, and what GEO's you want to target.

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