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Systems For Filter Rod Making

Cylinders & Valves, Inc. 19 The tow is packaged and shipped to cigarette manufacturers where it is machined into a continuous tube of cellulose acetate foam the diameter of a cigarette and cut into segments before being treated and affixed to the cigarette, an elaborate mechanical process that took years to perfect.
1.一种高效复合烟嘴棒,包括嘴棒滤芯(1、4)、嘴棒盘纸管层(2)和水松纸管层(5),嘴棒盘纸管层(2)包裹嘴棒滤芯(1、4),水松纸管层(5)包裹嘴棒盘纸管层(2),其特征在于:相邻两段滤芯之间为一中空部分(3),在嘴棒滤芯部分至少有一处为中空部分(3)。 An efficient mouthpiece composite rods, the filter rod comprising a nozzle (4), the disc filter tip layer paper tube (2) and the tipping paper tube layer (5), the disc filter tip paper tube layer (2) wrapped filter rod filter (1,4), tipping paper tube layer (5) filter tip wrapping paper tube plate layer (2), characterized in that: (3), the mouth portion of the filter cartridge is a rod between two adjacent hollow portion at least one hollow section (3).
While it is convenient to have a system which automatically shuts down the machine in the event of a malfunction, so that possible damage or waste of raw flavored filter rod materials can be avoided, it will be appreciated that any interruption of a high speed manufacturing machine is costly in terms of lost production.

The first vacuum pump 80 is again sequenced to pull a vacuum upon the sealed chamber 13 so as to again cause a slight expansion of the elastic sleeve to release it from sealing engagement with the filter rod, and then a solenoid-activated jet (not shown, located in box representing cam sequencer module) of air is applied to the outlet port of fitting 52 to cause the filter rod to be ejected out through the annular insertion member 20.
Only in the wake of this realisation did the agenda of cigarette designers appear to transition away from mitigating the health hazards of smoking and towards the perpetuation of the notion that cigarette filters are effective in reducing these hazards.

The apparatus has an elastic sleeve arrangement for receiving therewithin the entire length of a filter rod, and is adapted to encapsulate the filter rod by close sealing adherence to and predetermined compression of the circumferential surface of the filter rod and thereby form a substitute profile on the profile of the filter rod, the substitute profile providing a reference surface to be measured.
Air handling units (ahus), air-conditioning systems, power plants, chemical and fertilizer complexes, green houses, automatic drain holes, paint shops, textile mills, cement factories, laminar air flow units, biosafety hoods, fan filter units (ffu), gas turbine industry, compressor, diesel engines, nuclear power station, cd-rom production industry, picture tube production industry, semi-conductor industry, aeronautical industry and miscellaneous.
While these types of systems have helped to increase the quality or yield of the final product, they do not provide the operator with the type of diagnostic tool necessary to identify machine errors and shorten costly down time or avoid waste of materials.

It has been found that the pressure drops of filter rods made with the same denier per filament and total denier tow and at the same circumference and length but wrapped with paper of different porosities will vary according to the porosity of the paper.
下面以附图为实施例,对本实用新型做进一步的描述参照附图,本实用新型包括嘴棒滤芯1和滤芯4、嘴棒盘纸管层2和水松纸管层5,嘴棒盘纸管层2包裹嘴棒滤芯1和滤芯4,水松纸管层5包裹嘴棒盘纸管层2,相邻两段滤芯之间为一中空部分3,在嘴棒滤芯部分至少有一处为中空部分3。 In the following figures an embodiment, further description of the invention made with reference to the accompanying drawings, the present invention comprises a filter rod 1 and filter cartridge 4, the disc filter tip paper tube layer 2 and the layer of tipping paper tube 5, the paper filter rod tray tube layer 2 wrapped filter rod 1 and filter 4 filter tipping paper wrapped filter rod tube plate layer 5 layer paper tube 2, between two adjacent filter 3 is a hollow portion, the mouth portion of the filter rod having at least one hollow section 3. 中空部分3的长度及在整支嘴棒中的位置可根据需要进行调整。 3 position and length of the hollow portion of the entire nozzle support rod may be adjusted as needed.

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