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Best Taitung Souvenirs

I've been looking forward to visiting Taitung since coming back from Hualien in February because the east coast just really grabbed my heart. Sansiantai music concert at dawn of April 27th presented a harmonious cross-performance between V.K., Taiwan's most prominent cross-performing pianist who has also received wide acclaim throughout Asia, and National Taitung University Wind Band, indulging the public in welcoming the first daylight for Taiwan.
From travel size toiletries from the hotel you have stayed in (it's always a nice idea to leave a tip) to stickers, badges and other treats for children that are frequently handed out in 台東伴手禮推薦 places such as theme parks. One of the most famous sights in Taitung, the Brown Boulevard is a perfect example of the beautiful photogenic scenery the east coast of Taiwan has to offer.

Jointly sponsored by the Taitung County government, East Coast National Scenic Area and Taitung County Cultural Affairs Association, the "2013 Taitung Music Festival" will take place at three well-known tourist spots along Taiwan's beautiful east coast - Taitung Waterfront Park, Sansiantai, and Siaoyeliou.
Just outside of Chishang town, on the cycling loop, is one of the rift valley's most photographed roads, Bolang Dadao (Brown Avenue”), made famous in a Mr. Brown Coffee commercial and an EVA Air commercial starring Japanese-Taiwanese pop-idol heartthrob Takeshi Kaneshiro.

Jiufen street : once abandoned after the mountain to dig gold, for the movie "City of Sadness" and once again flourishing, becoming the longest one of Taiwan's most lively streets, a variety of souvenirs, souvenirs and snacks, attract large numbers of tourists up the mountain shopping Do not miss the famous snack - taro round nine.
The most convenient and straightforward way to get to Taitung from Taipei is by the local train 台鐵 managed by TRA. It looks down over bluffs to the floor of the Beinan River, which flows out to sea at Taitung City, and looks across at the Luye Highland, venue for the annual Taiwan International Balloon Festival.
There was nothing unique to keep the visitors' attention,” says Wang Kuo-cheng (王國政), Deputy Director of the Taitung County Tourism Department. Back in Hualien we organized a rental car to drive down the coast to Taitung, next major town on the east coast as the coastal road is scenic and reminds of Hwy 1 in California.

Why not give yourself a little free time during the New Year holiday and head southeast to Taitung to experience ultimate relaxations embraced by wonderful, relaxing environment and natural beauties. Snacks like chicken fillet, beef noodles, scallion pancake, spicy hot pot and more are among the favorite pastime snacks, here in Taiwan.
The incomparable collection of Chinese art in Taipei's National Palace Museum makes it the city's number one tourist attraction. It presents Taiwanese characteristic and is definitely a place worth visiting. The local government has made good use of the city's reclusiveness to develop a unique brand of sports tourism.

Made with various dried vegetables and fruit - all locally grown in Taiwan, Taipei Sweet Hocha Collection supports domestic agriculture and gives consumers the most exquisite taste of Taiwan' s vegetables and fruit, with no additives. Comparing to Taipei, the climate of southern Taiwan is steadier which makes it the best destination to visit during the whole year.
When the hotel staff recommended fried chicken, I thought I heard wrongly as I was rather surprised since fried chicken is so common place and how good can fried chicken taste in Taitung. This tour starts in Taipei and takes you around the most important spots of Taiwan.

Biandang is the Mandarin Chinese rendering of the Japanese bento, or boxed lunch; the use of Chishang is a promise that Taiwan's best rice has been used as your boxed-lunch bed. Please taken the Provincial Road Tai 9 of South Round Highway, pass Taimali and Taitung Fengyuan Bridge and take Chunghua Road to drive straight forward about 2 km to our hotel.

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