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Engineered Vs Solid Hardwood Flooring

Engineered floorboards combine several different types of timber, producing a floor that has many advantages. With more than 18 years industry experience in the flooring industry, the quality of your flooring project is not compromised when you consult us about your flooring.Whether you are looking for a solid strip flooring, pre-finished hardwood engineered flooring, bamboo flooring, decking or floor installation.
Engineered wood is likely even more eco-friendly than solid wood because it uses what has traditionally been solid wood's "leftovers." In engineered wood manufacturing, engineered wood oak flooring not much goes to waste; moreover, the manufacturing process itself requires less energy than most other flooring, roofing , and siding manufacturing.

Because floating floors aren't nailed down like conventional floorboards, any movement in the boards is spread across the entire floor, which makes gaps less likely to appear, however they are less popular these days due to the click clack noise that develops when gaps do appear.
It's durable, but check for quality - some bamboo flooring is far more hard-wearing than others. This type of flooring has a real wood veneer bonded to multiple layers of lower-cost wood backing. Thanks to quality construction and coatings, timber flooring provides a versatile and durable solution, bringing an effortless sense of style and simplicity to any décor.
Installation options include gluing, stapling, or floating. If in doubt, look for the Janka rating, an impact test carried out on wood species to largely determine whether it is suitable for flooring. Combining superior products, quality design and an expert team of flooring specialists, we take a holistic approach to flooring offering a fully integrated service to our customers.

Sydney Art Flooring offers a fantastic range of wool rugs, modern rugs, natural fibre rugs and designer rugs. Our ‘Outback' range features all the benefits of engineered boards at a price point that is sure to make you fall in love with our glorious native timbers all over again, a must see is the new brushed finish Spotted Gum and Blackbutt.
The engineered wood solution is much more dimensionally stable and, unlike a solid wood floor, will be less affected by humidity and temperature. Timber floors require little in the way of maintenance and can quickly add a lasting touch of real quality to any home.
If you consider laying solid wood flooring in your home, Contact OZWOOD Flooring for advice. More environmentally friendly and sustainable than most other types of flooring, including solid hardwood. Our new Engineered Flooring products are designed and tested to bring you the ultimate in timeless elegance, flexibility and durability.

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