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Tube Bending

Confluent Medical specializes in unique, engineered solutions to challenging design problems. Precision Tube has 3 fold less paramagnetic contamination comparing to the Economy tube, and can be operated safely at temperature up to 230 ˚C, and within a temperature step of 120 ˚C. Precision tube is rated as hydrolytic class 1, which states that the inner surface is resistant to strong acid and base at ambient temperature.
A customer submits design plans for a component (though something to keep in mind is that Axenics' design engineers are always available to consult on manufacturing design services and concepts even as simple as a sketch on a napkin). Axenics is now regularly doing naro precision parts bending on coil at a super-tight radius, including 180-degree back-to-back bending of tubes, in order to fit a complex assembly into a small space.

Tata Precision Tubes is supported by robust supply chain, logistic capabilities and product delivery expertise, and provides exclusive service for the automotive OEM & ancillary customers, establishing a mutual partnership through the VMI service model.
There are two types of customers who are taking advantage of the innovations in tube bending: those who are seeking reliable solutions for fitting smaller components into new technology, and those who are discovering that the old ways may no longer be the best ways.
These tubes are cold drawn, skived and roller burnished. The best material to work with during fabrication for small diameter tubing creation is stainless steel. Docol Tubes uniquely combine high strength and different surface qualities with endless shape varieties.

With our nationwide delivery service Barrett Precision Tubes should be your stockholder of choice. Whether you're looking for weight savings, corrosion resistance, narrow tolerances or low processing costs, SSAB provides a wide range of precision steel tubes to fit your needs.
Precision tube bending is the method of creating tubes that are bent without any inside or outside diameter imperfections. To meet the highest customer expectations, we manufacture the tubes with narrow tolerances. With it, we can handle multiple automatic bending cycles or make close shapes in one cycle, even if the tubes typically require two-way bending.

Precision Steel Tube Handbook is an extensive guide concerning properties and use of cold formed welded precision tubes for designers, developers and purchasers. Based in the heart of the UK, Amari Precision Tubes is a manufacturer of precision engineered tubes in a variety of materials & to a wide range of specifications.
Our Company Supplies Cold Drawn Precision Seamless Steel Tube To USA, UK, Canada, South Africa, Australia, Dubai, Iran, Iraq. We are committed to produce and provide steel based products and associated services for customers all over the world. Military applications can require extremely complex tube assemblies, and if components are improperly or inaccurately manufactured, the final product could fail — which could be a lethal catastrophe in the case of military and defense.
However, the purity of medical tubing ID is the important factor of these applications. Depending on the material used, you may have some difficulty locating a company to complete this process. Also automated manufacturing and bending operations benefit when choosing SSAB Form Tube Plus.

Along with our reputation for strict tolerance control, Precision Tube also has been recognized for meeting the most stringent of metallurgical properties, along with an exacting engineered temper. Wilmad-LabGlass's NMR Precision Tubes are manufactured from borosilicate glass that meets the requirement of Type 1 Class A glass from ASTM E438.
Ace Tube Bending has virtually eliminated the manufacturing of less-than-perfect items by performing rigid inspections at each step of the manufacturing process. We Can Manufacture Precision Welded Tubes Of Any Size And Dimensions Specified. Our notching process does not compromise the metal with heat - contact around entire perimeter - tube ends are clocked to the entire structure.

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