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Jerusalem And Bethlehem Tour From Jerusalem 2020

Israel has been known to be a religious and spiritual center which witnesses hordes of people all year round. Later, you will drive to Bethlehem and see with your own eyes the silver star marking the place where Jesus was born, explore the multitude of Churches and Chapels in the Church of the Nativity compound, enjoy the bustle of Manger Square, see Shepherds Field and other places mentioned in Scripture all in the company of our experienced guides.
Biblical sources state that within a decade Solomon started to build the first of two Holy Temples within city limits — Solomon's Temple spiritual meaning of bethlehem (or the First Temple), a significant site in Jewish and Christian history as the last known location of the Ark of the Covenant.

Bethlehem's dominant economic sector is tourism which is particularly high during the Christmas season as the city is a Christian pilgrimage center, being home of the Church of the Nativity Bethlehem has over thirty hotels and three hundred handicraft work shops, employing several of the city's residents.
From Manger Square to the Church of the Nativity, Milk Grotto, and the Shepherds' Field, you'll cover important Biblical sites with a guide who can help unlock the history behind each destination; pickup at a central location in Jerusalem or Tel Aviv gets you on the road with no fuss.

Our Jerusalem and Bethlehem tour will provide a day of mystery and magic as you travel with our experienced guides to two of the world's most fascinating, ancient cities, and walk in the footsteps of famous historical figures from thousands of years.
Today, Israel is made up of diverse cultural groups - Lithuanians, Moroccans, Yemenites, Poles, Germans, Turks, Russians, Americans and Ethiopians, who constitute the Jewish community; and the Palestinians, Bedouins and Druzes, who make up the non-Jewish community.
This trip aims to take you on an adventure through the Byzantine Cardo; an ancient path in the Jewish Quarter of the Old City of Jerusalem, where you will see the Wailing Wall (Kotel) and also get a chance to take a walk down the Way of Sorrow (Via Dolorosa); the route Jesus passed with the cross.

At present, E1 is the only remaining corridor between the large Palestinian cities in the West Bank, and if it were to become the site of an Israeli settlement, it could cause significant inconvenience for Palestinians who would almost certainly be rerouted so as to keep Palestinians and Israelis apart.
The ceasefire line established through the 1949 Armistice Agreements between Israel and Jordan cut through the center of the city from 1949 until 1967, during which time western Jerusalem was part of Israel and eastern Jerusalem was controlled by Jordan.

This field just outside of Bethlehem has been used by shepherds to tend their flocks since ancient times, and is still used to this very day. Due to visitor overload, a visit down to the Grotto of Nativity might not be possible because of tour time schedule.
The square is home to the Church of Nativity, where we will visit the grotto where Jesus was born. Bethlehem is one of the important christian sites in the holy lands as it contains one of the oldest churches in the world; The church of Nativity. Cover key religious sites in Jerusalem and Bethlehem in a single day on small-group tour that explores the city's Christian and Jewish heritage.
Bethlehem, the birthplace of Jesus is nowadays a city home to 25,000 people and is located in the West Bank. The problems were that the tour group was too large and that the scheduling on Sunday was poor for the Bethlehem part. Leaving from Jericho, we will drive towards Judean Mountains to the city of Bethlehem, via the Nativity Circle and visit Bethlehem's Manger Square.

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