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Automatic Drain Valves

Drain-All« Condensate Drains have been the industry leader for over 20 years. No matter how much investment is made in efficiency boosting features like Variable Speed Drive (VSD), correctly sized air receivers or lowering system pressure for example, neglecting to install and manage condensate drains correctly will offset some or all of your efficiency gains and cause ongoing headaches due to poor system reliability and increased operating costs.
With EC-Type Examination Certificate for use in explosive environments, these BEKOMATácondensate drains are approved for use in potentially explosive atmospheres auto trap according to ll 2G Ex ib llB T4 Gb. THE BVS 03 ATEX W 124 certificate of confirmity approves the applicability for explosive hazardous areas.

Manual drains are generally not recommended as determining required intervals to open the drain are complicated due to use and environmental factors which are constantly changing and requires a high level of planning to ensure it is managed correctly.
According to the present invention there is provided an electronically operated condensate drain valve arrangement for draining condensate from a steam system, the arrangement comprising a condensate drain valve, an electronic circuit for controlling operation of the valve, and a sensor for insertion in the fluid transfer system to trigger the electronic circuit for closing the valve when the sensor senses that condensate level is below the sensor, the sensor also serving to sense when there is condensate to be discharged at a level about at least part of the sensor and to thereupon trigger the circuit to open the valve, the electronic circuit including a monitoring circuit that monitors the lengths of the intervals between successive valve opening operations and that triggers the electronic circuit so that the valve opens for a predetermined time and then closes again upon the interval between successive valve opening operations exceeding a predetermined maximum.
It is now the practice to put a screw drain plug in the bottom of the sump and when the operator decides to drain out the water and the sump 8 permits a large quantity of water and such other foreign material to build up in the sump thereby to reduce the frequency with which the water and such other impurities must be removed.

Some compressor manufacturers want their compressor elevated so the drains work properly. Drain valves provide energy savings through conservation of compressed air and since they are completely pneumatic they can be easily installed anywhere along a compressed air or gas system.
ECO-DRAIN condensate drains are available for compressor flow rates up to 3500 cfm. The MS LWS water separator of the MS series effectively removes condensate from the compressed air. We are here to make sure you get all of the MACAIR products and services that you depend on, backed by PUREGAS, an industry leader in the Compressed Air Treatment Market for more than 60 years.
The large capacity of automatic magnetic drains makes them suitable for a broad range of applications. They remove condensate along with contamination from the system, preferably without losing excess compressed air and without the need to shut down the system.

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