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Genioplasty (Chin Augmentation) Melbourne

No more turtle necks, growing beards, and wearing scarves in summer to hide your double chin. In general, there are two treatments that could be considered for a patient with a double chin, more specifically the neck lift or the neck liposuction The treatment selected by the surgeon will depend on the quality of the skin and the amount of fat in the neck area.
The Coolsculpting process eliminates the treated fat cells from the body. Offering up to 24% fat thickness reduction in a SINGLE treatment, the Trusculpt treatment DOUBLE CHIN REMOVAL CLINIC in Melbourne attacks stubborn fat upto ½ an inch beneath the skin's surface. Chin liposuction can make a profound difference to your appearance.

Genioplasty - or chin augmentation surgery - is one of the fastest growing procedures in the US and UK. Although Australia does not record genioplasty rates, chin augmentation surgery is one of the procedures men enquire about most commonly in our clinics.
It is another non surgical option for those who want to reduce their double chin but are not suitable candidates for Cool Sculpting treatments (Cool Sculpting applicators are a fixed size which may not fit everyone) or for those who do not want to undergo surgical procedures such as liposuction, full facelift or other invasive surgery.

Andrew is a highly respected Plastic, Cosmetic and Reconstructive surgeon, his knowledge of the nuances of male skin is coupled with a genuine care and commitment to understanding a patient's concerns and building trust with them to achieve positive outcomes.
LtraShape is fat removal without surgery, UltraShape is a long awaited breakthrough in body contouring. A double chin reduction can be achieved using non-invasive cosmetic injectables to permanently remove the fat cells around the chin and neck. A double chin may seem trivial, but a recent study revealed that 67% of adults loathe the fat beneath their chin,” she says.
Patients often wonder how the skin will appear after liposuction. There can be some bruising and swelling following Double Chin Treatments, similar to other injectables, and can last up to a week. Prior to the introduction of Double Chin Injections the only effective options to treat submental fat were surgical.

We are proud to offer our patients treatment with two Coolsculpting machines. Many patients experience visible improvements of their chin profile in two to four treatments. In clinical studies, many people who've received Fat Dissolving Injection treatment achieved visible results after two to four treatments.
They arise from hereditary reasons - some families store more fat under the chin - as well as from natural ageing as the skin around the neck sags. Most patients require 3 or more treatments but every patient is unique and treatments are fully customised. At the moment, these injections are strictly used for double chins.
An indication of the visual improvement in body contour will be immediately apparent following surgery but there is frequently some bruising, swelling and numbness around the region of liposuction which may last several weeks. It's easy and pain free, especially compared to previous clinics I've been to for Laser Hair Removal.

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