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High Quality Precision Tube Technology

Often employed in applications relying on rigid materials for the transport of water and other liquids, the stainless steel tube has come a long way since the earliest experiments. If you are truly interested in high quality, free blowing features and a great intonation and, of course, the best quality and rich tone throughout the range of the instrument that you play, these are reasons enough to buy the very best for your precision instrument.
Size does matter in wind chimes. These precision tube are widely used in various industrial equipments and recognized for their high tensile strength and optimum quality. Although pipelines can also be used to transport sewage, slurry from iron foundries, and even beer in breweries, the most important use for Steel pipes is transportation of drinking water for domestic use, crude and processed oil, and natural gas.

These special wind chimes are not confined to metal elements alone - there are musical wind chimes made of bamboo, wood, glass, copper or aluminum, which are usually shaped into tubes that strike a central part which may be made of the same material.
Furthermore, if these measures do not adjust to the demand of the supplier, a measure which will adjust to the request, can be delivered to precise dimensions after confirmation with a purchase is possible thanks to the quality of the material used for the manufacture of the tubes, independently if the qualities are AISI-316 and Y304, or any other types.
The domestic, architectural and civil engineering, transport, chemical and pharmaceutical, petroleum and water treatment industries commonly use an extraordinary variety of tubes including stainless heat exchanger tubes, precision tubes and other special alloy tubes.

Also known as cold pilgering or tube rocking, this process reduces the size of a metal tube across three dimensions: outside diameter, internal diameter and wall thickness. A distinctive feature of Le Guellec welded tubes is the high quality of the weld. The European norm EN 10305 specifies the requirements for unalloyed carbon steel welded round tubes for precision systems.
Special lengths or cut to size specifications, special materials (high tensile, pre-galvanized steel or 3CR12) and requirements with regard to the position of the weld are all possibilities. Precision Steel Tube Handbook is an extensive guide concerning properties and use of cold formed welded precision tubes for designers, developers and purchasers.

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