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Compressor Auto Drain

Fan coil is an air conditioning unit. 2A, 2B and 2C, a sensor (the probe 20) sensing condensate level below the probe 20 serves to trigger the circuit 24 to operate the valve 22, with at least a desired minimum period between successive valve opening operations of the valve being imparted by a delay means (the timer integrated circuit 28) in the electronic circuit 24.
Kaeser also offers suitable product versions for special applications, such as aggressive condensate, working pressures up to 913 psig, as well as in vacuums auto trap or frost regions. This baffle 260 causes the condensate 280 to form a water seal between the sensor 200 and the discharge orifice of the drain valve 220.

Sump pump failure, whether do to power outage or pump mechanical failure is an extremely common problem for homes in Cincinnati, as most of them have a sump pump system to either remove excess foundation water or eject condensate from indoor appliance drains.
For instance, moisture can wash lubrication from air tools and production equipment causing downtime and maintenance; an inconsistent supply of dry air can cause production quality problems; and excessive rust and scale can form in the air distribution system.

According to the Carson Dunlop training manual there are some limitations to inspecting your central air conditioning system, which are; you shouldn't test an air conditioner when the ambient air is below 65 degrees F or has been below 65 degrees in the past 24 hours, don't test if the power has been off for at least 12 to 24 hours because compressor could seize, most parts of air conditioner are not visible without removing plates etc which is beyond the scope of a home inspection and the interior cooling coil is normally not visible for inspection.
Do not try to outsmart this advice by putting check valves in the drain lines. Install the horizontal pipeline with a slight downward slope on both sides of the valve for condensate drainage. Drains can be found on an intercooler, aftercooler, filter, dryer, receiver, drip leg, or at point of use.
Besides the obvious savings of compressed air with a no-waste drain choice, there are other less obvious ways drains can save energy or cost you energy if not properly maintained. Although competitively priced, these valves are of high quality; having undergone several quality tests prior to their delivery to the customers for regular and efficient draining of oil and moisture from compressed air systems.

Problems- With primary condensate drain lines stem form plant pollen, fungus spores and other particulate matter entrained in the air stream passing over the wet evaporator coil. When the condensate rises to a certain level, the drain valve opens and discharges the condensate.
These valves sense the condensate level for activation, ensuring absolutely no loss of compressed air and hence results in enormous energy saving. Either install a drain so the filter works as designed, or remove the filter, then readjust your system controls accordingly to take advantage of the lower pressure drop.
Exactly for the reduction of such malfunctions GESTRA has developed a self-operated pressure-controlled AK automatic start-up condensate drain valve. There are 180 condensate drain valve suppliers, mainly located in Asia. Major Electronix handles the line of condensate drain valves from Jorc.

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