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Performance has a complete line of hydraulic chokes, rotating control devices (RCD) and related accessory items. Compared with a typical surface application where the RCD sits atop the BOP and requires only a bottom flange to bolt it to the stack, integration with a riser system above a subsea BOP required a new RCD design that could be connected at the bottom and the top.
RCD creates a secure seal around rotating drill pipe and tool joints using an elastomer element (RCD Element), the inner diameter of RCD element casing rotator is in continuous contact with the drill string and is stressed during RIH, POOH and any other drill string movement during operations.

Fully realizing MPD benefits in deepwater applications requires a focused industry effort to develop guidelines, procedures and standards for equipment procurement, rig modification and design and perhaps most importantly adequate training for rig personnel.
Combined, all MPD riser stack components should be automatically controlled by a central intelligent control unit responding to the unique wellbore signals being monitored, including return flow, to enable immediate detection of changes in fluid flow.

Rcd is the rotary circulating device which is used in underbalanced drilling( when bottom hole circulation pressure is lower than formation pressure being drilled) which allows drill string reciprocating and rotary motion in the closed BOP situation.
Manipulation of the MPD choke manifold leads to changes in annular backpressure at the surface, which immediately increases or decreases downhole wellbore pressure. Derrick Lewis, Halliburton's global operations manager, GeoBalance Measured Pressured Drilling Service, understands the technology well.
MPD, the technique of maintaining and controlling bottomhole pressure using surface equipment, has been a game-changer in the industry's ability to access deepwater and ultra-deepwater reservoirs. In addition, RCD diverts wellbore returns away from the rig floor, thus improving safety and addressing environmental concerns associated with mud spills.

Managed Pressure Drilling is a growing and expanding market as drilling becomes more complex, uncertain and difficult. Downhole pressure monitoring and the ability to contain, control and manage annular flow are resulting in significant improvements in safety, operational capabilities and well economics.
It is a very cost effective method in drilling a deep and large diameter bore holes to fit the requirement of the industry. A key enabler for any MPD system, whether on land or offshore, is the RCD, used in a mud-return system to contain annular fluids while drilling.

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