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Online Shop Taiwan Souvenirs And Gifts

Be it edible gifts, decorative mementos, or wearable stuff like jewellery and fashion clothes, Taipei has got it covered, all in a cultural way. With tons of foods to choose from, cultural activities like fortune 台東必買 telling, as well as great opportunities to shop for clothes and shoes, this is a lovely area in which you can experience an important part of Taiwanese culture, while also getting some souvenirs for yourself.
For example items that are prohibited into Taiwan - Drugs listed under the Act for the Control Narcotics”, all restricted substances and drugs of non-prescription or non-medicinal nature (including marijuana), to firearms, fruits and live animals and their products.

With reasonable prices, more markets and night markets than you can shake a stick at, as well as amazing street vendors, ultra-modern shopping malls, and more, you really can shop 'til you drop in Taipei Instead of grabbing something at the airport or at the hotel gift shop, get out and get exploring in Taipei and bring home some truly unique gifts that you can't get anywhere else.
Visit a night market in Taiwan and one of the first few stalls you stumble into may will probably be selling Taiwanese sausages. Fast forward to a few months and another trip to Taipei later, I got curious again and decided to get some of these edible souvenirs for myself.

Also, the word ‘pineapple' sounds like ‘prosperity' in Chinese so there's another incentive for bringing back a few. The Taiwanese somehow were able to craft delicious sweets that became a staple. Chia Te pineapple tarts also won the first place in the first Taipei Pineapple Cake Festival in 2006 and the following year, organized by the Taipei City Government and Taipei Bakery Association.
Pastry chefs in Taiwan started to sell pineapple cakes with a buttery crust filled with pineapple jam. You can typically find candied fruits at all night markets, shopping malls and roadside shops. Shopping in Taiwan is represented by modern shopping centers in skyscrapers, extensive shopping areas, and famous night markets.

Taiwan isn't just the land of milk tea — it's actually well-known for its rich tea culture, and is home to some of the best oolong in the world. You cannot leave Taiwan without tasting its famous pineapple tarts. If and when you are at any of the duty free shops in Taiwan, please check these out and grab several boxes of edible souvenirs for your friends and family (or yourself, especially the Pineapple Cake Brownies - teehee).

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