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Iron Furniture Romania

Built in 1899-1902 by Gheorghe Grigore Cantacuzino (known as The Nabob”, former mayor of Bucharest, leader of the Conservative Party, and one of the richest men in Romania ever), the architectural ensemble was designed by architect Ioan D. Berindei. University Square: This is one of profile amprentate fier forjat the most popular meeting places in Bucharest, and as an additional bonus, the square brings together some remarkable architectural treasures like the School of Architecture, the Bucharest National Theater, the neoclassical Coltea Hospital and its lovely church and the Sutu Palace.
The process of iron mining determined the social stratification of the settlement (miners, forger-workers, blacksmiths, furnace owners, tradesmen and farmers from Rimetea, woodsmen and charcoal suppliers from the surrounding Romanian villages), and it formed a basis for its mostly diverse and unique cultural heritage.

NEON's expertise in specific lighting and electric energy solutions spans over 5 main divisions, across different daughter companies: illuminated signs; electrical products; festive illumination and seasonal lighting; design, execution and maintenance of electrical installation; hand forged wrought iron furniture and design products combined with wooden, rock and glass elements, in a classic, traditional or modern style.
2. The architectural ensemble of Rimetea s historic buildings is an authentically preserved, large and diverse heritage exhibiting several different building types belonging to different historic times and social classes that describe a unique development with characteristics not found in the studied settlements.

2. Value that derives from the individual architectural, historical, ethnographical character of Rimetea's historic buildings that represent five different types of dwellings built by owners and local masters coming from different social groups in different historical times.
ARMATURA S.A. - manufacturer of sanitary taps and valves, castings for water supply, natural gas supply, thermal installations, automotive and naval industry, cast iron decoration parts for fence panels and access gates, grey cast iron, malleable cast iron production lines, green sand moulding, gravity die and low pressure die brass casting.

UCM RESITA S.A. - steel foundry produces parts for hydraulic turbines, hydro generators, valves, Kaplan turbine runner blades of austenitic-martensitic-ferritic steel, cast steel parts for marine propulsion and railway traction, parts for mining and metallurgical equipment, machine tools, gantry cranes, compressors (heat resistant and stainless steel, manganese austenitic steel), molding in CO2 hard shells and wax patterns, iron foundry produces grey iron, antifriction grey iron, nodular iron castings for marine propulsion and railway traction, for Diesel engines, air compressor parts, parts for chemical equipment, non-ferrous foundry produces components intended for Diesel engines - shutter ring, sealing ring, piston, ring, bushings, stuffing box radial ring, brush guide (bronze and brass), protective covers, fan cases, rings (aluminium alloy), components for hydraulic turbines and valves - bronze bushings, bearing slides, etc.
ASAM S.A. - parts for cars, trucks, trailers, semi-trailers, tractors and other agricultural machines, railway products - brake discs, brake cylinders, hubs, disc clutches, pressure plates, tie rods, arms, starter gears, exhaust systems, towing hooks, coupling devices, wheels, brake shoes for wagons and locomotives, bogie and chassis parts, semiautomatic high capacity BMD moulding line, carbon and alloy cast steel, nodular cast iron, grey cast iron, phosphorous cast iron, weight of the cast parts between 5 - 1500 kg.

Also forms on wrought iron and vanadium steel. It now houses the Bucharest History & Art Museum. The quirky Museum of the Romanian Peasant shows off the elaborate woodworking, pottery-making, egg-painting, and weaving skills of the peasantry in a way that's both educational and amusing.

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