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Timber Flooring In Sydney

With 27 years of experience in assisting Melbourne's homeowners, commercial & trade with their timber flooring. I've got grey ironbark timber flooring, it hasn't got a mark on it yet, the salesman told me it was the "toughest" one he had, i guess he was telling the truth because i've dropped plenty of things on it (plates, mugs, glasses, tv remotes etc) and so far touch wood so good.
For this reason, we offer a variety of species & a range of colours light to dark and anything in between. If you're not familiar with engineered oak engineered wood flooring flooring it is a superb alternative to solid oak, simply because it looks just like the real thing, but has qualities that solid oak doesn't have.

This is because, with a light sanding and a re-finish, your floor will look just like it was fitted yesterday J. If your home has heavy traffic or you're keen to have the flexibility to re-sand and re-finish your floor frequently, you should choose an engineered oak floor with a nice thick top layer or lamella.
The typical make up of an engineered floor is a6mm to 6mm top layer of a timber veneer over a plywood base that is either made of pine or hardwood, the finish is often an acrylic UV cured coating or an aluminium oxide coating that is applied and is usually a semi gloss finish, please note there are many other finishes but this seems to be the most common.
Solid timber floors have longer and varied lengths of the boards which changes the entire look of the floor, there is a huge strength advantage over a floating floor (floating floors can not bear the same weight as a solid floor and can not span across joists).

When compared to many domestic varieties, exotic hardwood is considered to be stronger than oak, the most common domestic species. Timber is a natural product and there will always be differences between batches even with "engineered" timber. Using a hardwood ply (instead of an MDF or pine make up) not only increases the floors density and reduces the risk of indentation but it also ensures that no one layer (veneer) is the dominant piece.
Engineered wood flooring is becoming a very popular trend in home design throughout Australia and Europe. Melbourne Floors Mart has over 25 years in assisting homeowners, commercial and trade with their timber flooring. Laminate flooring, don't have the same durability but still can last anywhere from 15 to 20 years.
In contrast, engineered wood is comprised of several layers of plywood, and a thick veneer surface laminated and fused to form a plank. It consists of multiple layers of timber and plywood bonded together. This means the layer of hardwood is a species with a low Janka rating (hardness) and also very thin with a composite layer underneath (chipboard type product).

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