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Buy Bunk Beds Online In Australia

Let's say one child has a bedroom on its own. Given its height, top bed is not recommended for children under the age of six. Although the basic bunk bed is pretty iconic, there are many different options in terms of bed configuration that can include a larger bed, storage, trundles or loft designs where a desk can replace the bottom bunk.
Children's bunk beds are very popular with kids. There's never been a better time to "Wayfair my bunk beds". Girls' Bunk Beds: We also carry female specific bunk beds. This double bed with bunk above can open up the space a bit which is great for children who might feel confined in a standard bunk bed or are uncomfortable with sleeping directly under their sibling.

Like space-saving bunk beds, loft beds for kids are perfect for adding more organization and storage to a room, giving you and your child more opportunities to add pops of personality into the space. Perfect for shared bedrooms, bunk beds give kids a comfy place to sleep while leaving plenty of room to play.
Whatever style you're after - we've got beds with desks, wardrobes, a double bottom bunk, and beyond. We also have other kids' bedroom furniture like desks and bookcases if you're looking to give the entire room a makeover. One of the popular models to buy is a double loft bed with a desk underneath - by elevating a double bed you free up a lot of floor space.

It gives your kids and teens a sense of independence and privacy while allowing to build responsibility of keeping their bedrooms clean, neat and tidy. Bunk beds are here to stay, there is no other type of bed that saves the space in the same way. Bedrooms with lower ceiling heights will also benefit from this design.
No wonder we're the top choice for bunk beds in Australia. A standard bunk bed (also known as a double bunk bed) comprises of one bed above the other and comes with a ladder to the top bunk. Safety is paramount here, so you may want to check whether the product has been tested to the British Standard for children's furniture, or comes with a guarantee.
When you order cabinetry such wardrobes and bookcases they are also made in our factory in Italy so they perfectly match the wall beds or kids beds that you are ordering. You might wish to purchase a separate desk because it has more features than those provided but with the improved designs now available, the complete unit is also the popular purchase.

To help you make an informed decision we've created the ultimate guide to buying a bunk bed to help you sort through all of the information and find the perfect bunk bed for your children. At WallBeds Australia, we believe that even an occasionally used bed should be as comfortable as your own bed.
You will want the practicality of a bunk bed that still leaves your kids room to play. We specialize in loft beds and bunk beds, desks, storage units and custom rooms. Bunk beds are normally supported by four pillars in each corner of the bed; however the new versions of the same will have panels for its sides with openings on one side that act as a ladder for the top bed.

Whether you have twins or are just planning, you should invest in a bunk bed to have ample sleeping space for your children. You can order rounded mattresses to fit, ladder access can be at the side or end, and there's the option of adding an under bed drawer.
5. Visual effect - no matter what you think your child may like, the whole theme of the bedroom of which a bed is the main part of, needs to be color coordinated. From rich mahogany to classic white to navy blue, these beds come in a variety of stains and paints that will complement your child's unique aesthetic.

Note that the bed is designed for a continental mattress (90cm x 200cm x 16cm), and requires self-assembly. You can choose your desired piece from our site and if you wish to go for custom made loft bed, Jut Kids can arrange that as well. So we help take the guess work out of the equation by searching, sourcing and quality checking 100s of designs, styles & companies and we believe we have chosen the best of what is available.

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