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Laminate Flooring, Bamboo And Engineered Timber Flooring Supply And Installation In Sydney

Antique Floors has the commitment and dedication to delivering flooring of the highest quality to our valued customers. These individuals are devoted to Bona product systems; they voluntarily undergo continued Bona training to keep up-to-date on the industry's best practices” and are rigorously tested by Bona to ensure the most beautiful and durable results possible for your hardwood floors.
After my discussions with both John & Rex Bruker, I have the utmost confidence & assurance that I have chosen firstly, the right species of sydney decking Alexandria timber (Grey Gum), and secondly and most importantly, the right people to undertake this important aspect of the construction of my home.

Unique to the south west of Western Australia, Marri has traditionally been used for wood chipping however in the last ten years has become very popular for flooring and furniture due to its artistic features, in particular the extensive bloodwood gum veins and imperfections.
While we're pioneers in the way today's laminate floors are made, it's not just about quality manufacturing or innovative 's about what our floors can do in your personal interior style. I was completely bowled over with the finesse with which the team at Lucky Timber Floor worked on the flooring work at my recently renovated house.

If you're looking for Royal Oak floors in Sydney or Melbourne, WOODCUT has everything you need - and then some. Our goal is to provide you with the detailed and professional information that you need to make the best possible decision about the timber flooring purpose for your dream home.
The Online Flooring Store offers a huge range of different timber flooring styles. This flooring method is often referred to as an engineered timber floor. Whether you are looking for the ultimate elegance and beauty of solid timber flooring or the addition of decking to enhance your home, QDT is the right place for high quality timber flooring and decking, supplies, advice and expertise.
Alpha Timber Flooring Brisbane originated from humble beginnings in Sydney 1997 and it moved to Brisbane in 2005. For more detailed information on solid timber flooring we recommend reading articles published in our Info Hub. Australian Oak Flooring has an unmatched aesthetic charm that will add character and warmth with every board.

The Online Flooring Store offers a huge range of different flooring styles for sale, including engineered timber, pre-finished solid timber and solid hardwood floors. Engineered timber flooring is real timber - made with durable, high quality plywood and a strong hardwood veneer on the surface.
You can search all over town for flooring companies having a fire sale or timber flooring clearance. We also offer a unique range of engineered oak floors, custom designed, and hand finished in Australia. You can choose between structural solid plank floorboards that slot together, parquetry designs, and floating floors that can be overlaid on pre-existing solid floors.

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