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LED Screens & Displays

LED screens can be used for so many different applications and they will really take your event to the next level. The finished display consists of four unequal length blades, the tallest at 2.2 meters, with a total display width of 1.1m. The Nixel Series LED displays tied this concept together perfectly as they designed each display to Citadel's very specific specs.
Designing LED video walls to engage your audience is our speciality. TV wall brackets are classified based on load, screen size and type. The impressive 14.4m wide and Melbourne Digital Signage 4m high display is mostly in use as a backdrop on the proscenium stage to provide the perfect virtual set for event designers that want to create strong visual impact.

Perfectly waterproof and dustproof, strong defense against extreme weather, this 5.9mm outdoor LED screen hire panel is the best option for any of your outdoor usage, with a high brightness of 5000nits bright, lightweight even with redundant onboard power supplies.
The room now boasts 58m2 of VuePix E series Pro LED Wall permanently deployed by Staging Connection with the express purpose of providing event clients with a truly stunning visual experience thanks to its impressive size, brightness and colour intensity.

Please contact LED Screens Australia for more information on indoor LED Screens. Big Screen Video have a vast range of expertise in the sporting industry. Immerse your guests in a cinematic experience with our new LED Wall - Crown Palladium Ballroom has been at the forefront of event technology in Australia for more than 15 years.
We have a range of indoor and outdoor high resolution LED video screen hire solutions to compliment your event. Please note there are additional charges for the rigging or moving of the LED Wall from its current position within The Palladium at Crown Melbourne.
Staging Connections' team of in-house multimedia designers can create custom content, both animated or still imagery, to leverage the power of the LEDs. IDISPLAY Android Tablets are available in eleven sizes from 8 inch up to 55 inch and are designed to hide the controls on the rear of the units to prevent unwanted tampering.

HiTech Panda Melbourne designs, install, and services seamlessly integrated electronic security solutions for a wide range of verticals and industries. Selecting the right LED display depends on the resolution required, surface area available for mounting, type of content to be displayed, ambient light conditions, viewing angle, distance to viewers and whether the display is indoor or outdoor.
These displays may contain PMOLED or passive matrix addressing schemes or AMOLEDs - active matrix schemes. With an unsurpassed fleet of OB trucks, custom studio production solutions and specialty capture camera technology, NEP helps bring the most iconic sporting events, television programs and one-time-only events to audiences on any platform.
Choose a screen, decide the size, design, and shape you want, or we will help you to work out the best product and solution that most suitable for your project. Tips: For cleaning the dust, you can use a soft cloth and a special cleaning fluid LED and LCD screens.

Mobile LED screens are great for businesses that need dynamic mobile advertising on a budget. By removing the need for printed advertising and associated supply and disposal processes, digital displays offerr an environmentally friendly solution to reducing wastage and lowering your business carbon footprint.
Visit our display in Melbourne to see firsthand the stunning brightness and clarity possible with LED screens. LED trailer advertising screens are big and bright, they draw a lot of attention which makes them ideal for outdoor events, trade shows and product launches.

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