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Laws extending pardons and amnesties for corruption and official misconduct were put forward, sparking protests across the country. The Bulgarian Partners are the University of Ruse Angel Kanchev” and TOR - Ruse; from Germany there are teams from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport of Baden Württemberg and ttg, Tubingen (Project coordinator); from Romania the partners are AMFSS, Galati - social organisation for supporting disadvantaged families, ANOFM - Regional Employment Agency in Galati and AIDRom - a church association in Bucharest.
SerologyAnimals can be tested for the presence of anti-Trichinella antibodies in the serum or in the meat juice either upon antemortem or upon postmortem examination ( 108 ). According to the International Commission on Trichinellosis, indirect methods such as the detection of anti-Trichinella impotriva ciorilor antibodies in domestic and wild animals are not recommended as a substitute for meat inspection of individual carcasses ( 49 ). However, Trichinella serology is considered to be suitable for the surveillance and epidemiological investigations of domestic animals and wildlife ( 51 ).

The authoritative international organization, which has a definitive voice in the higher education space in the Danube region was founded in 1983, and the University of Ruse is а long-time member, as well as the only Bulgarian University in it. In the period 2010-2012 the Presidency of this organization was held by the University of Ruse and its then Rector, COR MEM Prof.
He pointed out the fact that the higher school has had a long-standing experience in the projects about digitalization of education in Bulgaria and shared his satisfaction with the growing number of teams, working on this crucial task - digitization of modern society.

The International consortium of the project involves 3 associations of more than 100 universities and civil society organisations, as well as one institute, 5 universities and 1 civil society organisation from Germany, Bulgaria, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Italy.
In the Award Ceremony participated Friedrich Faulhammer, DRC President and Rector of the Danube University in Krems, Austria, Barbara Weitgruber, Director General of Research and International Relations Department of the Austrian Federal Ministry of Education, Science and Research, the former vice-chancellor of Austria, Erhard Busek, PhD, Chairperson of the Institute for the Danube Region and Central Europe and DHC of the University of Ruse, as well as prof.
About 130 participants from academic communities, industry, state and public institutions from Albania, Austria, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, the Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Moldova, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Sweden, Ukraine and the UK, together with representatives of the European Commission, coordinators and members from priority areas 2 (Energy), 6 (Biodiversity.

Supported by the Association of the Bulgarian Occupational Therapists (ABOT) - member of the World Federation, the University of Ruse is active in the promotion, consolidation and development of Occupational Therapy as academic subject, field of research and professional practice on a national level.
A considerable contribution to the practical aspect of the School have the field trips to natural park "Rusenski Lom" and to Giurgiu, Romania, which illustrate the achievements in the field of sustainable development, cross-border cooperation and good practices in implementing the EU Directives.

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