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Automatic Drain Valve Manufacturers Info

An ISO 9001 certified manufacturer of pilot and direct operated pressure and temperature regulators; pneumatically and electrically actuated control valves; safety relief valves for steam, air and industrial gas service; desuperheaters; noise suppressors; condensate pumps; steam scrubbers filters; steam separators; zero leak pipe unions and Nicholson brand thermostatic, dryer condensate thermodynamic, mechanical and sanitary steam traps. When the ECO-DRAIN's capacitive level sensor reports attainment of the maximum condensate level, its intelligent control electronics open and close the valve diaphragm at precisely the right times - discharging collected condensate with zero compressed air loss - which, of course, saves energy.
With over two decades of R&D, engineering development, application evaluations, and systems integration support, Drain-All's Engineering Group and Manufacturing Operation have accumulated expertise in, and products for, a very large applications portfolio.

Hydrogen Supply and Discharge Technology for Hydrogen Fuel Cell Vehicles Our R&D Center is ensuring the safety of fuel cell vehicles by developing a hydrogen supply system core module to supply, recycle and discharge hydrogen gas with a suitable pressure and flow rate to the fuel cell stack, which contributes to performance optimized to all environments.
Measure the flow rates of a variety of fluids, including steam, air, and water. This method does drain the condensate constantly but leads to continuous waste of compressed air. A no-waste drain is one which will eject the collected condensate without also blowing compressed air, but will also automatically keep up with changes in the system.
Our offered air compressors have gained incomparable value between our clientele for its durability & quality. The automatic drain valve automatically removes condensate from your air system. These are the largest electronically level-controlled condensate drain systems available on the market and have been specially designed and built for these requirements.

Also, water can back up into the compressor and wreck the machinery, air dryers can become overloaded, and in-line filters can be destroyed. WaterHog is powered by compressed air, avoiding the need for electrical wiring and connections. You can plumb your air lines to remove water from your compressed air.
A wide variety of condensate drains options are available to you, such as free samples, paid samples. No. They will not all be of precisely the same pressure level and proper air and liquid flow will not be achieved. Designed to work with incoming cool air, a water trap is a simple method of removing water.
This allows water to drop out of the air, so it can be collected and drained. Our presented assortment of air compressors are designed by a vendor's adept professionals utilizing basic items and advanced technology. Thermodynamic steam trap with inbuilt strainer and full Stainless Steel construction, best suited for header and mainline drains and drop legs.

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